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Collective Prayers
Collective Prayers
Collective Prayers:
"Whoever seeks to collectively pray at a mosque will gain for every step he paces seventy thousand graces and will be elevated a similar number of degrees that when he dies while he is keeping doing this, Allah (swt) will have seventy thousand angel at his service in his tomb bringing him the good news, reducing his loneliness, and asking forgiveness for him till the honorable Prophet (Pbuh and his household) is resurrected.

The Conditions of The Collective Prayers:

Upon joining a collective prayer the following conditions must be considered:
Collective Prayer Conditions:
-    The position of the Imam must not be higher than the worshippers attending the prayers.
-    The space between the Imam and the other worshippers attending the prayers must not be too large, and the same applies to the space between the rows of the worshippers. It mustn't be more than one pace.
-    There must not be any barrier between the Imam and the worshippers attending the prayers, such as a wall or a curtain; except when it is to separate between men and women.

Collective Prayer Rules:
-    The Mass Imam must be mature and just; his reading must be proper.
-    The worshippers attending the prayers must read recite all what is recited except "al fatihah" and al surah, unless the worshipper is in the first ruku' (bowing) while the Imam is in the third ruku' (bowing).
-    It is unnecessary for the prayers of to be synchronized between the Imam's and the worshipper's that a worshipper may be praying the noon's prayer while the Imam is praying the afternoon prayers (al 'Asr Prayers). Also, it is unnecessary for the makeup prayers to be synchronized either.
-     It is impermissible to give up a collective prayer if it is out of underestimation.
-    It is impermissible to do the prayers individually while the collective prayers is on; especially if that is considered a violation for the Imam or for the collective prayers.
-    It is impermissible for the worshipper to start with (takbeerat al Ihram) meaning to say "Allahu Akbar" before the Imam does so. The worshipper's must rather be after the Imam's.
-    The prayers could be performed with two worshippers a worshipper and an Imam, except on Friday, Al fitr, and Al Adha prayers.
-    Collective prayers is not favorable upon doing selective prayers except upon the prayers of both feasts (AL Fitr and Al Adha) and upon the prayers for rain.

-    It is favorable for everyone to share in the collective prayers especially the neighbor of the mosque.
-    It is favorable to wait for the collective prayers to be attended.
-    Collective prayer is favorable even if one does not arrive on time for its performance.
-    One should get dressed well and wear the nice scents and the flossing miswaq (the natural piece of wood).
-    Never forget the intention to perform the prayers collectively so that you do not lose its reward.
-    Never raise your voice above the pitch of the Imam.
-    Never go ahead of the Imam in the performance of the acts.
-    Listen to the Imam with reverence calling for heart  directed for Allah (swt)
-    Make your prayer the sort of the farewell bidder’s one and increase your entreaty and abide by reverence and serenity.
-    Never skip the post prayer entreaty, especially Al Zahra’ praise and the conventional entreaties.
-    Never skip the sujud of thankfulness (placing the head front on the ground while appealing to Allah (swt)
-    Have a better “wudu” meaning “ablution” at home then head for the mosque.
-    Turn off your mobile in respect for your prayer.

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